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File Sharing, Firewalls, and Wireless Access

Connecting your devices to allow sharing and collaboration while also preventing unauthorized access to data

Book a free enterprise
networking assessment
Ubiquiti, CISCO, Fortinet
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Provide centralized access to digital media, devices, and applications with specific permissions.


Prevent bad actors from breaching your perimeter with robust network and device firewalls.


Remotely and securely access your business data from anywhere with internet.

File and Printer Sharing

Sharing files and printers between users inside a room or across the internet is a common business function and requires a network comprised of routers, switches, and access points.

Work with our experienced networking team to set up file and print sharing in a Workgroup or Domain setting and get granular shared access to your resources inside your office or on hosted cloud storage.

Business IT Security

We offer security auditing and policy creation that identifies your liabilities and suggests strategies to mitigate risks.

We offer several different options to improve your security footprint including antivirus, firewalls, and user education.

Remote and Roaming Access

As your business grows you will need more persistent access to your data from wherever you are, and so will your users.

We sell and service VPN and virtualization services across a broad range of products including Microsoft Server and CISCO networking, and we set up multi-factor authentication to secure your remote connections.