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IT Normalization

Normalized Tech Services

How do you get the most value from your relationship with your IT provider?

Managed services answers this question by recognizing that the best service results from aligning you and your provider's interests with normalized IT costs at a monthly rate.

What are your interests?

  • Computers that work when you need them.
  • An IT service provider that returns your calls.
  • Not getting nickel and dimed for every phone call and email.
    • how much you pay for IT service and how pro-active you are is a function of your Cost of Downtime.
  • New software and hardware that adds value to your business.

What are your provider's interests?

  • They want to generate more revenue at lower costs.
    • They generate service revenue by tuning a working computer system to keep it available and running smoothly, or by fixing a system that is broken and down.
      • If the way they generate revenue in your relationship is when something you have breaks, then it's in their interest to let your systems break.
    • If your provider gets paid a flat rate every month regardless of what breaks, then it's in their interests to have your system run as smooth as possible. The less time they spend fixing problems the more of the monthly rate they take as profit.

Your goal as a business owner or budget controller should be to move to a normalized IT rate over time and align interests with your provider.  Start with a break-fix strategy and use your average cost over six or 12 months as the starting point for your monthly rate, and build a fair mechanism in to adjust the rate as needed.