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IT Normalization

How do I get the most value from my relationship with my IT service provider? 

Managed services answers this question by recognizing that the best service results from aligning you and your provider's interests with normalized IT costs at a monthly rate.

Normalizing your service costs means taking a moving average of your service billing and setting that average as your flat monthly rate.

Why is normalization a better approach than paying for service per hour?

  • Support billed per hour means the more your computers break down, the more your service provider makes, which is an incentive contrary to your interests of having your computers running and available when you need them.
  • A normalized cost approach means the more your systems break down, the less profit your provider makes, which incentivizes them to keep your systems running problem-free and aligns their interests with yours.

As a business owner or financial controller, your goal should be to align your vendor's interests with that of your company's through a normalized cost agreement that incentivizes a pro-active approach from your provider.

At NICS, we take a normalized cost approach to your technology services that aligns our costs with yours, making the efficiency of your technology our priority.  We value our client relationships and strive to improve the value of our services, maintain open communications, and use our resources to improve our community.