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Business Services

We provide information technology (IT) services for all your business needs.

Your business success depends on responsible investment in technology.  Our business is here to test emerging technologies and identify the best investments for you, relative to your unique business work flow.  

As a pragmatic example of this, you might contact us by phone or email or in person and describe a problem.  We would ask questions and explore the problem with you until we have fully articulated what you need, and then we would provide it.  This involves translating your need into technical requirements, quoting the associated hardware and software, and developing a plan to implement that includes budgeting and risk management.

Here are some of the IT needs that we answer:

  • Business management software for inventory intelligence.
    • With Spire business management software take responsibility for your inventory, your cash-flow, and your business intelligence.
  • New websites and website development.
    • High quality website design developed around your customer data to convert visitors to members or customers.
  • Reliable backups under any circumstances.
    • Backups are the cornerstone of any business IT plan.  Talk to us about building a backup system that meets your backup Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives (RPO and RTO).
  • Preventing virus infection.
    • It takes a combined approach of software and user education to effectively prevent malware infection.
  • Identifying and mitigating risks for intrusion and compromise.
    • It is no longer enough to only have perimeter security protecting your production systems.  With much of your business online, you need to take responsibility for the risks to your data and reputation.
  • Digital marketing strategies that makes sense.
    • Don't spend another dollar on marketing without knowing your return on investment, and build a lasting brand at the same time you connect with your audience.
  • Custom reports for your databases.
    • Need to know what your employee utilization is?  What inventory is trending?  NICS provides custom reporting to provide you with the business intelligence you need at your fingertips for your SQL databases.
  • Identifing areas in your business that can be significantly improved with information technology.
    • Repetitive tasks are often good candidates for automation using information technology.
  • Filter your internet to prevent certain types of content from being browsed on all devices including phones.
    • Block social media, pornography, and other types of content you deem inappropriate from your busines networks with CISCO Meraki appliances.
  • Filter out the spam in your email.
    • The most common attack vector for malware, email is often overlooked by businesses when planning security.  A reliable email filter via proxy is the most robust solution to centrally manage spam, and we prefer the Microsoft Online Protection service which is continually updated to catch and filter out most of the spam before it hits your mailbox.
  • Turning on computers that won't turn on.
    • With broad current experience troubleshooting computers and laptops running Windows software in a domain or workgroup (non-domain) setup, we will quickly identify issues remotely if possible, or in person at your site or at our office on our tech bench, at an hourly rate of $90 per hour.
  • Turning on servers that won't turn on.
    • With broad current experience troubleshooting Lenovo, IBM, HP and Dell servers running Windows Server software, we will quickly identify issues remotely if possible, or in person if needed, at an hourly rate of $130 per hour.
  • "My business needs more IT support than one person can give me working evenings out of their home not returning calls for two weeks, much as I like my wife's cousin. "
    • While our rates are higher than Joel's basement service, because our pool of resources is deeper we solve problems faster, and we are here when you need us.
  • Reducing downtime of some or all important services.
    • Use clustering, regular maintenance, context aware security, and robust backups in a mix determined by your CODI (Cost of Downtime Index) to acheive the uptime you need.
  • Maintaining computers, servers, and/or networks.
    • Regular review of server and network device logs for errors or signs of intrusion, regular cleanup of dust and check for air flow obstructions, monitoring of component temperatures and database response thresholds are all parts of a plan to keep your devices maintained and working.
  • Procuring, installing, configuring, and training on office software for productivity.
    • Microsoft products including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project, SharePoint and Dynamics both on-premise and hosted at a per month or annual price.
  • Sharing calendars and contacts.
    • Efficiently organize your team resources to maximum effect with shared calendars and contacts using Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Procuring, installing, configuring, and training on business accounting software.
    • Whether Spire Systems, Sage BusinessVision, Microsoft Dynamics, or some other accounting package, we can help you pick the right software for your business processes, install it with the necessary prerequisites, and train you on usage, and develop the reporting you need to make smart decisions for your business.
  • Procuring and installing computers.
    • Tier one desktops and laptops from Lenovo, HP, and Dell.  We also build custom Computer Assisted Design (CAD) workstations for engineering, architecture and construction purposes.
  • Procuring and installing servers.
    • Tier one servers from Lenovo, HP, and Dell. We also provide refurbished and custom servers.
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN) for remote access or site-to-site connectivity.
    • Using CISCO or Ubiquiti equipment we provide network systems that allow for secure remote connection and combining networks between different physical locations.
  • Sharing files between computers, but restricting certain files from certain users.
    • Granulated permissions based file sharing with Microsoft Windows Server. 
  • Digital faxing.
    • Switch to a secure fax solution that doesn't require a phone line.  Receive faxes in your email, send faxes by sending an email with the destination fax number in the subject.
  • Printers.
    • Buy Lexmark and HP workgroup laser printers up front, lease them over time, get your toner automatically ordered and delivered when it hits 10%.
  • Business phone systems.
    • VOIP phone systems with turnkey devices from Ubiquiti and Fortinet, or integrated systems from Microsoft Skype for Business.
  • Project management solutions.
    • Project management with parallel deliverables and centralized collaboration using Microsoft Project or Trello.
  • Centrally managed users and devices.
    • Central management of user and device resources using Microsoft Server and Active Directory Domain Services.
  • Collect data in difficult to reach places.
    • Need to inspect a remote structure?  Talk to us about UAV and drone flight services.
  • Monitor your energy usage.
    • Want to cut back on your power bill?  Use Neurio energy monitors to identify your always-on power and individual appliance draws to find inefficient devices and appliances.