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Promote And Protect Your Digital Identity

Digital identity and digital property are getting more valuable. From cryptocurrency to digital art to domains and websites, engagement with online content is increasing. So, being in a global digital gold rush, what assets should you invest in? 

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Quantum Computing in Business

Quantum Computing in a dilution refrigerator

No device has had more impact on businesses across all industries than computers, or more specifically, transistors, which are the building blocks of classical computers.  Before computers, paper may have had a similar impact on business, but at 20nm or less in size, we can stack 5000 transistors in the width of one sheet of paper and accurately copy them all in a fraction of a second.

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Planning for Computers in your Small Business

Technology is required to stay competitive and grow.  As a small business, pivoting and adopting emerging technologies sharpens your competitive edge.  Many computer technologies exist to automate common business tasks and are essential to scaling your business while maintaining a profitable bottom line and stakeholder satisfaction.

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Drones in your field? Think again.

 “The onboard sensor networks of ground-based equipment, provide real-time answers and automated results during seeding and harvest.  Improvements in the computing power and battery life of unmanned aerial vehicles now allow real-time insights on your investments during the growing season, all without boots on the ground.  However, few farmers have asked the tough question, are they legal in my field?”

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